Date:  July 7, 2014
Press Release:  Immediate Release
Contact:  Bob Hataway 817-320-0567

Transportation Death Issues Addressed by TransAlive

Fort Worth TX. The transportation industry experiences over 5,000 driver deaths each year.  Accidents and injuries account for approximately 750 – 1,000 deaths each year according to the industry figures.  For every death from an accident or injury, we work 3 deaths related to the heart. Cardiac arrests, strokes, and congestive heart failure are the most common culprits.

While some deaths occur at home, the majority of deaths occur on the road.  Bob Hataway, President TransAlive USA, said, “We have worked as many as 3 deaths on a Monday morning involving drivers who passed away in their trucks over the weekend.”

TransAlive has been addressing the death issue since 1986.  Our first driver death case involved the Pima County Law Enforcement Agency.  Between the sheriff’s office and the police passing the responsibility, the family was not notified. We were able to inform the family within an hour.

TransAlive initiated a network of ministers nationwide to provide First Death Notifications for families.  This year we have added the Last Flight Home and the On-Site Counseling programs.  We added On-Site Counseling for families and carriers coping with the loss of a driver.  Our Last Flight Home provides the family a resource to get the driver’s body home.

Our Caring in Action program provides after the death services for families including assistance with funerals.  The Memorial Acknowledgement provision gives the driver a legacy the family can cherish for years on line.

For drivers experiencing accidents, illnesses, and injuries that do not always end with death, we assist in getting the driver home.  For less critical drivers we use the AmCoach. Medical services are not available on the AmCoach.

For more critical needs, drivers can use the Air Flight Home service provides planes, ambulances, doctors and nurses as needed to assure the driver returns home safely.  These services are provided free for Air Ambulance Card members.  Programs are available for carriers.

In an effort to curb deaths, we conduct a Mile Marker Safety Challenge program.  There are 50,000 mile markers across America.  Anyone of the markers can spell unwanted circumstances for a driver.  Challenging a driver to drive the next Mile Marker safely encourages them to drive safely for the long haul.

Drivers enrolled as a Mile Marker Safety Challenger have the opportunity to win a $10,000 cash award given to a member randomly selected when we reach 2500 members.

                                        For more information you may email Bob Hataway or call my cell phone 817-320-0567



TransAlive USA provides medical evacuation when travel needs are greater than standard modes, i.e. commercial plane, train, or bus.  Less critical needs such as a need for elevated limbs; or traveling laying down are accommodated by the AmCoach.

For critical medical needs, drivers are transported to and from airports by ambulance.  Then the driver is flown to the destination of choice.  Doctors and nurses are provided for medical evacuations.  As a member, all of these expenses are provided free.

Should death occur, the Last Flight Home service is provided by TransAlive.  The air transportation expenses are provided by TransAlive.   Call 817-320-0567 for more information.

Membership is required.  Compared to commercial fees for medical evacuations, the membership rates are economical.  Charter air evacuations can range between $50,000 to $75,000. Memberships for the air service and the return service is less than $25 per month per person per year.

Call me at 800-USA HURT or my cell phone 817-320-0567 and enroll by phone or click the video for Air Ambulance Card - then click ENROLL.

Select the membership such as INDIVIDUAL or FAMILY. Use Code - TRANSALIVE and complete the info required.

That will take you to the enrollment form as a TransAlive Member.

You will get a discount when you enter your payment information by entering our code - TRANSALIVE.




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