A Word About The Author

Bob Hataway


BHHPHOTO.GIFAs a young man of 14, Bob Hataway worked on the big rigs in Center, Texas.  His uncle had three trucks that he ran from East Texas to the west coast.  It was Bob's job to service the units each week.


He arrived early in the morning and taught himself to drive by starting and stopping until he worked out the gear/rpm ratio and was able to smoothly shift the gears.  Those of you, who have ever tried, know what I mean.


Bob’s love for trucks and the open road developed at a young age.  He longed for the time when he could be an over the road driver instead of servicing the units.


This took longer than he planned, however, as his parents had other ideas – like finishing high school and college.


In 1965, Bob started his own company manufacturing pallets in Houston, TX.  He got married and started his family.  He and Carol have 3 children – two boys and a girl.


His wife, Carol, had other ideas about his going on the road.  But finally he was able to satisfy everyone.  His company grew and needed its own tractor and trailer.


He purchased his first tractor in 1973.  It was a COE International with a 335 Cummins engine.  It had a Jake Brake, chrome stacks (no mufflers), and a 13-speed transmission along with a 42' flatbed trailer.


Bob was proud of his tractor and trailer.  He would not let anyone drive it.


His responsibilities as the head of his company soon required him in the office.  As much as the tractor and trailer were his pride and joy, he still remembers the day when finally someone else did have to leave the yard as the driver.


In 1974, Bob moved his pallet company to East Texas.  The company continued to grow; however, he found the need for his tractor was not as prevalent as before.


To keep his tractor busy, he began to add reefer units (refrigerated trailers) for a local poultry processor.  He pulled poultry loads between his lumber hauls.


Over time, things reversed. He began pulling more and more poultry for the processor.  He needed more tractors.  He even had to contract his lumber loads.


Bob acquired 15 tractors and trailers to keep up with the growth.  As he moved further into the transportation industry, Bob bought his uncle’s trucking company.


Bob's life took some interesting turns in 1973.  He accepted the call into full time ministry and set about to finish his education.  He completed the degree everyone wanted.


To accomplish this, he turned the reigns of the company over to his right hand man and went to school in Fort Worth, TX.  It was during this time that God began to lay on his heart a ministry for truckers nationwide.


Bob encountered the ministry needs of the transportation industry while in seminary.  Joe Traylor, a driver, had an accident on I-35.  See the History Page for the events that changed his life.


In 1984, firmly convinced there was a need to minister to drivers, Bob left the leadership of his company and started TransAlive USA Inc.


Today, he oversees the activity of 100,000 volunteers who have worked in over 1100 cities in the 48 contiguous states and Canada.  The ministry has reached over 250,000 drivers.


Bob has written 3 books including this book “Provoked by an Angel”.  His first book entitled “The Memo” is a fiction work dealing with public trust.


His second book entitled “After That…” is nonfiction work recounting their ministry working with drivers who served during the recovery stage of 911.


It is both a historical account and an inspirational account to help those who have suffered serious tragic losses in their families.