Air Ambulance added to the AmCoach Program


Date:  July 23, 2012


Press Release:  Immediate Release


Contact Person:  Bob Hataway 817-320-0567


Fort Worth, TX.  TransAlive USA announces the addition of air medical transportation services for drivers when they experience an accident, illness or injury and need immediate transfer to another medical facility.


AmAirHW.gifDrivers will be transported from medical facilities by ground ambulance to local airports; loaded onto the aircraft; and flown to the nearest destination airport.  There, again, the driver will be transported by ground ambulance to the medical facility of choice.


Logistics dictate air services nationwide with airports that have landing facilities for jet aircraft. Medical staff as needed will be provided by the family of the driver.


Bob Hataway, President and Founder of TransAlive, said, during a recent interview, “During the twelve years of service with the AmCoach, we have received requests for air service.  Doctors, on special cases, have requested only air services.  We now can provide air service.”


In 1985, TransAlive received a request for air travel for a driver from Calgary, CN to Orlando, FL. That call initiated the journey leading to the ground AmCoach program and now full cycle to air service.


The service will be provided with a Hawker800XP aircraft. The Hawker 800 is a mid-size twin-engine corporate jet.  It reaches airspeeds of 455 mph with a range of 2,390 miles.  Drivers can be placed on the aircraft and delivered to their destination in a matter of hours as opposed to days.

The interior can be converted to seat five people plus a three seat sofa bed to the inclusion of a medical gurney with restraints for travel as needed.


We would not have the AmCoach without the help of the industry.  For a list of our sponsors you may click SPONSORS to see who make our services possible.

The AmCoach program ground service will still be available as before without any changes.  Drivers and their families can enjoy free transportation home when they find themselves released from a hospital but cannot travel in a standard plane, train, or bus.


TransAlive has operational sponsors who continue to cover the operational needs for the ground AmCoach such as fuel by Pilot Travel Centers, lubrication by Speedco, and tire services by Bridgestone Bandag Tire Solutions.  J. B. Hunt Transport and ALCOA cover the expenses over our operational costs in getting drivers home.