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Thank you for your consideration as a National Team USA Sponsor for our Caring in Action Program.


We have served the traveling public for over 40 years. Your support helps us to meet the needs of families across America. Thank you for confidence as we help others.


A Pledge Statement can be provided for your convenience. As a sponsor you need only to sign your approval, and forward to your Accounts Payable Department.


You also can pay by credit card by going to our web site and click on the Donate button. PayPal is a very secure source for making donations and becoming a sponsor.


As a driver, join with us as a Frequent Mile Marker Challenger. Members have access to all of our programs supporting drivers and their families.


Call our cell 817-320-0567 for more information.


Sponsorship and Frequent Mile Marker Challenger Services:

       Coordinating over 100,000 volunteers covering every zip code in America by assisting families picking them up at airports; arranging housing; and coordinating transportation to and from the hospital through our Caring in Action Program.

       Coordinating the Frequent Mile Marker Challenger program in conjunction with our Caring in Action. Encouraging safety one mile at a time for the traveling public working away from home.

       Coordinating the Air Ambulance program providing air travel for return trips home after an accident, illness, or injury. Ambulance, air service and medical staff as needed are provided for safe return.

       Coordinating and monitoring our Liaison connections for getting those who have lost their life on the road back to their families.

       Coordinating Disaster Relief and providing counseling and support for disasters such as 911, the Columbia Space Shuttle, and Katrina.

       Coordinated three trailers of donated product and four work crews for the Joplin Tornado.

       Delivering First Death Notifications for families when a family member loses their life as a result of an accident, illness, or injury.

       Providing On-Site Counseling one on one and on-site for drivers and family members coping with tragedies, death and personal problems.

       Researching, preparing the script, and publishing Safety Tips for Drivers. Over 1 million copies are in print each month by various industry media publications. Carriers have permission to print in company newsletters. We only request that you contact us prior to publishing.

       Coordinating and conducting the National Day of Prayer for Truckers each year at the Mid America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, KY.

       Coordinated a Hand Up program for disadvantaged people during Christmas. Over $10,000 was distributed to over 100 children. Supported in part by TransAlive, AT&T and WBAP Radio.

       Administer a Memorial web site for those who have lost their life away from home.

       Administer a TransAlive web site for the transportation industry.

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For More Info

Call Cell Phone 817-320-0567

For more information or call cell phone 817-320-0567



TransAlive USA provides medical evacuation when travel needs are greater than standard modes, i.e. commercial plane, train, or bus. Traveling public members with critical medical needs are transported to and from airports by ambulance. They are then flown to the destination of choice.


Doctors and nurses are provided for critical medical evacuations.  As a member, all of these expenses are provided free.   Call 817-320-0567 for more information.

Commercial fees for medical evacuations can run between $50,000 and $75,000.  Air Ambulance program driver memberships are only $240 per year. Family memberships are available for $335 per year. Rates subject to change. Call for confirmation.


All services are free to members. Membership is required for the Air Ambulance.


For memberships call cell phone number 817-320-0567 for more information and to enroll by phone.

You will receive an email enrollment confirmation until you receive your official membership packet in the mail.


Thank you for becoming a Frequent Mile Marker Challenger.




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