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All of us have to answer the question regarding death.  After we get past the age old concept, “it is not going to happen to me” we can get down to the reality of providing peace of mind for our families.


11CASKET.jpgToo frequently, travelers lose their life away from home.  Accidents account for a 1000s each year that are killed.


The heart is the greatest death culprit.  According to our records, for every traveler we lose to an accident, we lose 3 to the heart.


Anxiety sets in when families realize that getting their loved one home is more than they ever thought they would have to face. 


Separation adds to the dilemma.  The miles, the method, and the means all come into the picture.  Few families have the expertise to handle such issues.


TransAlive introduces a LAST FLIGHT HOME program for families.  Frequent Mile Marker Challengers provide their families peace of mind in knowing they will not have to undergo the uncertainty of getting them home.


EmailBanner-Win$10000AMC-1.gifFamilies need merely to engage the funeral home service of choice and let them make all the arrangements for the return of the body and then inform TransAlive of the service.


TransAlive will contact the service and make arrangements to cover the air transportation expenses for getting the body home.  Families can leave all the details to the funeral home service and TransAlive.


Great care is given to the sensitivity of giving the family peace of mind in knowing they can get their loved one home. 


Frequent Mile Marker Challengers have an option of adding the LAST FLIGHT HOME program to their Air Ambulance Card membership should death occur.  Ask about our low rates covering the air transportation expenses for returning the body to the family.


TransAlive has been working with the traveling public and their families for 40 years.  We get drivers home should an accident, illness or injury occur while working away from home.


Frequent Mile Marker Challenger Special Bonus


AirAMC.gifFrequent Mile Marker Challengers will have an added membership incentive.  They can win a renewal membership to Air Ambulance Card.


For every group of 50 Frequent Mile Marker Challengers, a renewal membership will be given to a member selected at random.  Travelers could get two years for the price of one.


There will be 50 renewal memberships awarded to Frequent Mile Marker Challengers.  With each group of 50 new memberships, a drawing will be held.  If you are not selected in the first drawing, you will have another opportunity until we reach 2500 members.


SPECIAL NOTE:  Drivers have to be a member of the Air Ambulance Card program to be eligible to enroll in the LAST FLIGHT HOME program.


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Landline 800-USA-HURT or Cell Phone 817-320-0567



TransAlive USA provides medical evacuation when travel needs are greater than standard modes, i.e. commercial plane, train, or bus.  Traveling public members with critical medical needs are transported to and from airports by ambulance.  They are then flown to the destination of choice.


Doctors and nurses are provided for critical medical evacuations.  As a member, all of these expenses are provided free.


The Last Flight Home program is available should death occur.   Air transportation expenses for deceased drivers are provided by TransAlive.   Call 817-320-0567 for more information.

Commercial fees for medical evacuations can run between $50,000 and $75,000.  Air Ambulance program memberships start at $25 per month per person or $40 per month for a family.


Membership is required for the Air Ambulance and the Last  Flight  Home.


For memberships – call 800-USA HURT, 800-872-4878 or cell phone number 817-320-0567 to enroll by phone.

You will receive an email enrollment confirmation until you receive your official membership packet in the mail.


Thank you for becoming a Frequent Mile Marker Challenger.




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